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No health care prescription can be effective without nutrition and lifestyle health to support it. My mission is to carefully listen to you… and based on what I learn about you, your health history, and your readiness, provide you with the guidance, tools and support you need to improve the direction of your health. As a registered nurse and nurse practitioner with experience and knowledge in nutritional health as it pertains to traditional and functional medicine, I will help you untangle a web of overwhelming information and focus on what is relevant to YOU, wherever you are on your journey to better health.



Maria Glad, MS FNP-BC, Specializing in nutritional health and weight management with lifetime results

Do you wonder what to eat to be healthy?

Are you looking for help to lose weight?

Are you concerned your current diet and lifestyle could be making you unhealthy?

Have you considered underlying health problems may be preventing you from achieving a healthy weight?

Is it possible you could have food addiction, food sensitivity or pre-diabetes?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your efforts to lower your risks for heart disease, diabetes, immune disorders and cancer?

Do you wonder what to make of  the explosion of health and weight related information out there?


What are the benefits of nutrition, diet and health counseling by a nurse specialist?

As a licensed, certified nurse practitioner, I understand the health risks associated with being overweight or obese, having chronic inflammation, unhealthy gut function, hormonal imbalance, or sedentary lifestyle among other conditions. I target the aspects of your health status which show signs of being affected or potentially affected by your current diet and lifestyle. I look for health conditions which may be affecting your ability to lose weight. I explain the relevance of laboratory tests and biometric measurements including doing body composition analysis. The recommendations I make and education I provide you with is based on up-to-date medical and nutritional health and fitness research. The support I offer for lifestyle change is based on my personal and professional healthcare and weight management experience (click here) and incorporates methods of behavioral therapy with nutrition and lifestyle advice. Effectively, I offer you the opportunity to be accountable for change.

I will gladly collaborate with other health professionals involved in your healthcare including primary care providers practicing in traditional or functional medicine, specialty providers, physical therapists, personal trainers, alternative and natural health practitioners: chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, hypnotists, and other practitioners and therapists.

Clients I have worked with include men, women and youths with weight gain, obesity, diabetes or pre-diabetes, thyroid or other endocrine dysfunction, postpartum, menopausal or peri-menopausal weight gain, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, IBS or other bowel dysfunction, food allergy or sensitivity, cancer, and other conditions related to chronic inflammation. I have also worked with athletes to optimize their nutrition.

Counseling is customized on an individual basis and is available in both one-on-one and group formats. If you would like to recruit or refer a friend, colleague, or patient, or organize a group,  DOWNLOAD OR PRINT A FLYER HERE.


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Dear Maria,
Thank-you for helping me end many years of yo-yo dieting all the frustration that goes with it. You have helped me reach a healthy body weight by eating real food and learning healthy behaviors. Your group class has been such a vital part of my weight maintenance. I especially loved our sessions on “mindful eating for the holidays.” I can honestly say that this past holiday season is the first time I ate joyfully and did not gain any weight. As a matter of fact, when I weighed myself after the holidays were over, I was actually down two pounds! I consider attending your group sessions the most important thing I can do to stay feeling great about my weight and health. Elizabeth B.



I cannot express how much of a difference your coaching and our group sessions have made in my weight / fat loss. The group sessions are invaluable because the other participants imparted their experiences and included what worked for them. Your coaching and medical expertise helped me to understand the actual physiological reasons for weight loss and gain. I, for one, appreciate a holistic approach to my health. thank you for offering another eight week session. Judith R.


                                Watch the video to see an interview with Maria (formerly of GladHealth at Bay Club Health and Fitness) as she counsels Darryl to better health.  Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 10.44.11 AM