Weight Loss Support Supplements

There are many benefits to adding supplements into your weight loss plan. Below are the most common supplements we recommend at Glad Health. We sell the supplements below right at our office. 

BIO-CITRIN: Garcinia Cambogia and chromium plus bioavailability enhancing thermonutrient Bioperine. Inhibits the body from turning carbohydrate into fat and assists in reducing fat and cholesterol production. $36.00

DIUCAPS: This combination of the essential amino acid L-phenylalanine and vitamins can help with weight loss by naturally reducing appetite. $24

BE-THIN SPRAY: A natural aid to lose weight and maintain a health body by optimizing fat metabolism and converting fat into cellular energy. $39

LIPO-BC: Nutritional elements; vitamins and amino acids for Proper Utilization of Dietary Fats. $29

VITABESE: Weight loss aid that contains vitamins, minerals and a bulking agent to create a feeling of fullness and to help curb the appetite. $26

DNS: (Doctor’s Nutritional Support) Therapeutic levels of key ingredients which may play a role in mitigating metabolic risk, naturally. $32

COLEUS FORTE: Herbal compound with xtract of Forskolin (18.7mg). Contributes modestly to weight loss; may decrease fat mass and increase cardio-respiratory fitness. $35.50

THYROID COMPLEX: Combination of herbs to support healthy thyroid function and energy production. May raise basal metabolic rate. $27

GYMNEMA: ‘Known in India as ‘destroyer of sugar’, it suppresses the ability to detect sweet tastes and supports healthy blood sugar levels $20

ALOE VERA: Natural anti-inflammatory, heals the gut for better nutrient absorption $28.95

21-DAY PURIFICATION CLEANSE: for a clearer, brighter, lighter you. Begin your “new normal”; Standard Process $275

Univera Science of Discovery Products

We also recommend quality of supplements from Univera Science. They are all-natural nutritional products to promote peak health and enhance performance with results you can see, feel, and measure – or your money back! For more information or to order please visit: mariaglad.myunivera.com