Q.  When can I get started ?

A. You can start right now. There is no need to wait for a particular start date. Just contact me by phone or email to set up your complementary 30 minute consultation.  It is also fine to discuss the program by phone and then jump right in on our first meeting.

Q. When can my group, company, or family get started?
A. A group can plan to start at a time that is convenient after our custom design of your program package.
Q.  What happens at the first meeting?
A.  I will get some information about your current and past health habits and lifestyle(s). Body composition analysis is done at baseline and weekly. A metabolic screen is done to record beginning Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Fasting Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure. I will take body measurements and some pics too. We will set goals and get you set up with tracking tools and a book on the basics.
Q. What are the benefits of guidance, counseling and education by a nurse specialist?
A. As a Health Care Professional, I understand the health risks associated with overweight and obesity and can target the aspects of your health status which show signs of being affected or potentially affected. I can explain the relevance of your biometric screenings. The information I provide you with is based on up-to-date medical, nutritional, health, and fitness research. I will gladly collaborate with your primary care provider.
Q.  What is Body Composition Analysis?
A. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a fancy term for measuring the way a weak electrical current moves through the different tissue compartments of your body. Based on your age, height, weight, activity level and “electrical impedance”, it provides a calculation of your BMI, fat, muscle, bone and water mass, visceral fat rating, metabolic age, physique rating, basal metabolic rate, and daily caloric intake. Please refer to my Body Composition Guide for more information (click here).
Q.  Is there an option to join or form a weight-loss contest?
A.  Yes. Periodically I run 8 week group weight-loss challenges to boost motivation for rapid weight loss. In this case you must be able to commit to specified start and end dates and attend group meetings at selected times that are convenient. This works well for groups and individuals looking for group support.
Q. What are the results I can expect?
A. You can expect results you can see, feel and measure: you will lose weight and change your fat to muscle ratio, your metabolic profile should improve accordingly, you’ll shed inches, be more toned and physically fit and drop clothing sizes. You’ll have enhanced knowledge of recent and pertinent nutrition, diet and health information, and have developed new healthful habits to last a lifetime. You will leave the program feeling more fit and eager to stay that way or continue losing and toning. To see previous results click here.
Q. Can I contact someone who has experienced the results of a GladHealth Wellness Program?
A. Absolutely. Contact me to refer  you to a former or current participant to speak with.