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Maria works with Individuals, Groups and Families to provide nutrition and lifestyle help for better health. After careful evaluation of your health and lifestyle history, biometric measurements, and your health and fitness goals, Maria will tailor nutrition and lifestyle plans to meet your needs; there is no one size fits all approach. GladHealth does not advocate fad diets, zero carbs, or miracle pills but we can discuss options for fast or slow weight loss; you set the pace! The goal is to do what works so that the results are sustainable. Maria believes in finding the right strategies for your body composition and metabolism so standard and supplemental testing may be recommended for determining your best options for healthy lifetime nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Nutritional support products may also be recommended and are discussed based on your needs and interest.

Individual Weight Loss


Individual packages of 45 minute sessions include:Individual Weight Loss Coach Maria Glad

  • Identifying your key obstacles and motivations
  • Personalized guidance and support to effect change
  • Body composition analysis (BIA) at each visit
  • Before and after body circumference measurements
  • Goal setting and evaluation
  • Online tracking with accountability
  • Health education and counseling to meet YOUR needs
  • Insider’s tips and recipes for success
  • Lifetime continuation plan
  • Unlimited communication
  • Flexible schedule to meet your availability
  • Optional collaboration with your Primary Care Provider
  • Nutritional support product recommendation
  • Super-bill for insurance reimbursement or rewards from your employer


5 Session package:  to jump-start, tune-up  or maintain your commitment to improving your health.

Includes Body Composition Analysis at each session and online nutrition & activity tracking.  Flexible schedule; sessions never expire!


12 Session package: to reverse or reduce health risks associated with being overweight, obese, or having signs of chronic inflammation or related symptoms.

Lifetime nutrition and lifestyle change with measurable health outcomes! Includes before & after biometric screening with health risk assessment, body composition analysis at each session, and online nutrition & activity tracking. The twelve session package includes twelve 45 minute sessions with Maria Glad, everything listed in above plus:

  • Evaluation of fasting blood sugar and lipid panel and signs and symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome & health risk
  • Optional before and after photos

Group Weight Loss

For some people it’s all about peer support and encouragement as wins and losses are shared on a mutual journey to better health. Groups are educationally based and include topics relevant for discussion. Meetings take place at GladHealth on Tuesdays and new group programs can also be set up at your own location if you have three or more interested participants. Gather your friends, family, co-workers and save money by forming your own group program!

Group Programs Include:

  • Customization to your requirements
  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly 1 hour small group education and support sessions on a fixed schedule
  • Body composition analysis for change offered at each meeting
  • Sharing of participants’ wins and losses
  • Learning from others’ strategies and experiences
  • Exploring topics relevant to the health of the group population

 Contact Maria today to discuss establishing YOUR group! 30 minute initial telephone consultations are complimentary.


Remote Weight Loss

Sometimes it’s just not convenient to meet in person. GladHealth offers custom programs for telephone counseling with remote tracking at no additional cost. It’s all about giving you what you need and finding what works for you!

Helpful Tests

Body Composition Analysis

Biometric Screening

Food Sensitivity Testing