Matthew Mullins began his weight loss journey after the doctor told him he needed high blood pressure medication. He was 32 years old.

Here’s a motivating story about a 32 year old man who became inspired to change his diet and exercise habits when his doctor told him he needed high blood pressure medication. He chose to use the “Lose It!” application and found it was “like a game” to constantly be trying new combinations of foods and exercises, making gradual changes over time that would last a lifetime. Check out the photo journal of his 40 pound weight loss then imagine how much more effective this strategy can be if you were to receive weekly counseling, education, and support along the way and your health coach is monitoring your Lose It! log and holding you accountable? The time is now. Contact me for more informatio


Matthew Mullins had an “aha” moment when doctors put him on blood pressure medication

Mullins has lost more than 40 pounds and is still losing

He says he’s noticed a huge difference in how guys approach him now

Mullins is gay; studies show gay men struggle more with body image than straight men

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Photographer chronicles his weight loss

By Jen Christensen, CNN
updated 7:22 AM EST, Mon December 2, 2013