About Maria

“My experience makes me passionate about helping people learn what they can do to maximize their health and well- being and reduce health risks. I do this by cuing into the unique needs of individuals to assist them in setting realistic goals and selecting the best methods for staying on track. There is a myriad of information out there; counseling services focus on finding what’s pertinent to forging your own guided path to success and staying accountable”. My motto: “Learn more; gain access and support; do what works!”

Please take a few minutes to read about the experience I bring to assisting your journey…

My Personal Journey:

My beautiful pictureI grew up a chubby kid and then an obese teenager and young adult. My family life was largely sedentary and I remember sometimes feeling isolated, wishing I had an active lifestyle like my peers. My decision to change came with the realization that heart disease and high blood pressure were rampant in my genes. I sought the help of a weight loss counseling service and I set a personal goal to reward myself with learning to ski if I lost 50 lbs. I called my friend who was a ski instructor and asked him to hold me accountable to my goal. This small focus is what worked for me, and in helping others on their own journey, I feel strongly that tapping into a person’s unique motivations is an important first step.

Today I am 65 pounds lighter

IMG_0034Every person’s experience is different. For me, losing weight and learning to ski changed my life forever. Today I live an active lifestyle that more than 30 years ago I had thought only imaginable. I like to encourage people that the key to sticking to a personal health journey is “liking it”. Allowing yourself to like the way you feel with incremental change, and continually discovering new ways to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally, is what will bring lasting results.

My Professional Journey:

I founded GladHealth in March, 2013 when my practice opened at Bay Club Health and Fitness in Portland, Maine. I feel fortunate to have been able to help many people, and groups of people, to achieve nutrition, health and weight loss goals. How fun that I got to take part in the local documentary Orchard Revolution (click here to see trailer); a study of how so many Americans have become obese and diabetic and what can be done to change this.

I have since enjoyed expanding my practice through part-time positions as Nurse Practitioner at The Center for Weight Management, Anew 10 Medical Weight Loss and Wellness, Women to Women Health Care Center, and Health Coaches Corporate Wellness; all located in here Southern Maine.

Most recently, I am excited to announce the opening of a new practice location for GladHealth in August of 2018; proud to be partnered with Align Maine in providing high quality, patient centered integrative health care in South Portland. 

Past professional experience includes 15 years in advanced practice roles in oncology and surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. I found it particularly rewarding to design educational programs to instruct and support patients and families as well as medical and nursing staff. My passion to create programs to meet the unique needs of people grew from there and went on to include homeschooling my three daughters and meeting special needs.

My Education:

Columbia University: Master of Science in Nursing; Nurse Practitioner in Family Health
Hunter College: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Queensborough Community College: Associates Degree in Applied Science of Nursing

Certification: Nurse Practitioner in Family Health; American Nurses’ Credentialing Center

Diploma: Professional Nutrition, Diet and Health; Ashworth College

Member: American Nurses Association; American Academy of Nurse Practitioners; Obesity Medicine Association; American College of Sports Medicine.

My Spare Time:

I enjoy outdoor activities; running, kayaking, hiking, beach walking and travel. I treasure time spent with family and friends; and admittedly, I enjoy, and spend a great deal of time, staying current on health topics related to my practice.