I cannot express how much of a difference your coaching and our group sessions have made in my weight / fat loss. The group sessions are invaluable because the other participants imparted their experiences and included what worked for them. Your coaching and medical expertise helped me to understand the actual physiological reasons for weight loss and gain. I, for one, appreciate a holistic approach to my health. thank you for offering another eight week session.  Judith R. 4/9/2016



Dear Maria,
Thank-you for helping me end many years of yo-yo dieting all the frustration that goes with it. You have helped me reach a healthy body weight by eating real food and learning healthy behaviors. Your group class has been such a vital part of my weight maintenance. I especially loved our sessions on “mindful eating for the holidays.” I can honestly say that this past holiday season is the first time I ate joyfully and did not gain any weight. As a matter of fact, when I weighed myself after the holidays were over, I was actually down two pounds! I consider attending your group sessions the most important thing I can do to stay feeling great about my weight and health. Elizabeth B. 4/6/2016



Hi Maria-
I want you to know that this is the first holiday season in many, many years that I do not have food fear. My typical pattern is to worry and restrict, then finally give in to the bounty of holiday of food. When the holidays are over I usually say to myself,  “you have failed again.”
Since working with you for the past 7 months, I feel “in recovery.”  I still slip up now and then but the skills I now have to prepare in advance for my intake, exercise and taking the focus of holiday enjoyment off of food gives me so much more confidence. I guess the thing I really enjoy the most is waking up feeling good about myself instead of hearing the mean, nasty voice that tells me I am inadequate for not controlling myself around food.  I don’t know if you really can grasp what a relief this is for me. It is a gift that I have been looking for for a very long time.  The work you do is so important. I am grateful to have found you.

Please tell the group I am thinking of them and please share these thoughts with them if you think it offers encouragement to face the holiday season without fear. I have everyone in my prayers to have a blessed holiday and hope so much that everyone is kind to themselves.

I prepared 3 help cards for myself while I am away for a whole week. One is for exercise, the other for how I will manage facing a lot of holiday food and most helpful for me, a list of all the things I can enjoy while I am visiting that have nothing to do with food. For example, I wanted to do something nice and motherly for my son last night so I bought ingredients to make his favorite little boy cookies. I stopped and realized that In an effort to give him some holiday warm feeling that I would actually be sabotaging his efforts to maintain a 40 pound weight loss. He has kept this weight over for a year and a half.  I noticed his big pile of dirty laundry. I did his laundry lovingly instead of baking. He was so appreciative to wake up this morning to four loads of freshly washed and folded clothes.
Best wishes to you and your family and please tell our little group that I look forward to seeing them soon.
Many Thanks,









Darryl Results.pdf 2

“The program was an excellent balance of diet and exercise paired with the analysis tools of body composition. There is no ‘right’ diet, but we got a lot of useful information.  Many diets and food choices  are discussed and how these can fit into our weight loss goals if we want to follow them.”

6/27/2013 5:26 PM – Darryl

 Check-out Darryl in the news!

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LoseIt! Nadine 20 Weeks

“Working with Maria has been a great experience. The body composition analysis really helped me to understand my fat IMG_0532and muscle composition. So that even when I didn’t see the scale move, I could see my fat % decrease and my muscle mass increase. Maria has also helped me to focus on eating healthy by providing information on how food choices affect your health and well being – not just focusing on weight loss”. 6/26/2013 7:40 PM – Nadine

“I’ve been thinking about all your advice recently.  We went out to dinner (again) for Thai food.  I ordered the fresh spring rolls and the Tom Yum soup with tofu.  Both great!  And I skipped dessert :)” – Nadine (email 8/29/13)



LoseIt! Rita 5:13-7-13 copy 2


Total Loses in 8 Weeks Metabolic screen Before/After
Weight 18.8 lbs. 10.7% Cholesterol     254    201
Body fat 2.3% Triglycerides    170    86
Inches 17 HDL      42    44
BMI 4 (18%) LDL     178    140


This program jump started my weight loss adventure. I am pleased with the progress I have made and will continue until I reach my goal. After that maintaining will be key. Thank you for offering this life changing class! – Rita

2010 and 2013 compare



Metabolic Screening Mandy- B:A copy

Private Testimony:

“I’ve benefited greatly from this program – in terms of knowledge and physical progress – far more than I expected.  Just understanding that weight loss can reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. is itself a revelation.  Further, having the program located at the Bay Club is an effective and efficient way to combine nutrition information with fitness exercise so as to get the best possible result.” – GladHealth Program Participant and Bay Club Member 1/6/14

KSV is a young runner who wanted to shed those last 10 pounds.

We worked together for 6 weeks.

 Here is her testimonial with before and after body composition analysis :


Working with Maria helped me to lose a stubborn 10 pounds and get down to my goal weight. I looked forward to meeting with her weekly because it helped to keep me accountable, but also because Maria was always ready with helpful and educational information which was customized to my struggles – be it a new recipe, a health article, or a grocery item I might like to try. Getting weekly results on my body fat and muscle percentages helped to keep me motivated. I would definitely recommend that others in similar circumstances work with Maria to see results.

KSV Before BIA