Medical Weight Management Specialist, Maria Glad, FNP-C offers a unique healthcare service:

Get Healthy to Lose Weight and Lose Weight to get Healthy

How it works:

  1. Initial appointment – 90 minutes
    • Physical health evaluation including medical history, laboratory findings, past and current treatments
    • Diet, exercise and lifestyle assessment
    • Weight management history
    • Discussion of social, emotional, behavioral considerations
    • Readiness assessment – This is a process; what parts of the process are you ready to address at this time?
    • Body composition analysis (link) and other relevant measurements
    • Analysis – What are the possible causes for your weight gain or weight loss resistance?
    • Custom plan creation -includes nutrition, exercise, hydration, and other recommendations
    • Choose a tracking method: Journal? App? Others…
    • Education and counseling -knowledge is a powerful tool
    • Together we set attainable goals for the next visit, for the course of treatment, and for life-long success
  2. Follow-up appointments – 45 minutes
    • What goals are in progress? What can we check off?
    • What do the measurements show? -includes body composition analysis at every visit
    • How are you feeling? Are symptoms improving? Some symptoms may call for more in-depth evaluation.
    • What do you need help with right now? What’s on your mind?
    • Sharing of food choices and recipe recommendations
    • Exercise progression -ideas for home workout, personal training, class recommendation, referral for physical therapy
    • Collaboration with your primary care provider
    • Plan for continued follow-up